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The Kidz Salon!

Now accepting Walk-ins! 

You can also make an appointment online to guarantee your spot and not have to wait.

Please be sure to make a separate appointment for each child.

If you are more than 10 minutes late for your appointment, you will need to reschedule.

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About Us

We are the first and only professional hair salon in South Dakota that caters to children.

We welcome kids from babies to teens.

We provide a kid friendly atmosphere with kid friendly stations and equipment for a fun, safe & comfortable environment!

Each station will have tablets to play games or

watch cartoons while your child receives their hair service.

There is even Colored Gel, Crystals & Fairy Hair Tinsel for fun!

We also do mini manicures and pedicures and Princess Packages!

We offer Free Ear Piercing with purchase of a starter kit. Starter Kits Start at $24!

$5 Buzz Cuts Every Day! (One Guard-No Scissors) 

If you would like to make an online appointment, please click book online.

If you are more than 10 minutes late for your appointment you will need to reschedule.

You can also give us a call, but keep in mind that when we are cutting a child's hair we cannot answer the phone, so please leave a message for a return call.

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First Haircut Day!!

First Thursday of Every Month!

We declare the first Thursday of every month to be First Haircut Day!

Bring your little one in for their very first haircut on this day and receive $5 off our First Haircut Package!

We make their first haircut experience fun and memorable!

Your child will receive a First Haircut Certificate, we will take a before & after photo and save a lock of their hair!

Make an online appointment now to ensure you don't miss out on this very special and memorable occasion!

First Haircut Quote
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Bring 3 or more kids for haircuts at the same time and receive 20% off each additional haircut!

Kids Haircuts

Kidz Haircuts 12 & Under

Each child will get to pick a rideable station or character chair to receive their hair service. They will be given a tablet to play games or watch cartoons. Our staff is extensively trained in interacting with children and use kid friendly equipment. 


Includes: Shampoo, Conditioner, Blow Dry & Colored Gel if Desired

We can add Fairy Hair Tinsel, Feathers or Colored Hair Extensions after the haircut for an additional price.

Please book these services separate from the haircut. 

Bang Trims:  $7.95

$5 Buzz Cuts Everyday!

We are now offering $5 Buzz Cuts Every Day!

One-Guard No Scissors!

Buzz Cuts
Colored Hair Extensions

Colored Hair Extension

A colored hair extension that is placed in the hair with a crimp bead. They can be washed, blow dried, curled etc.

$5 each

Hair Feathers 

Feathers are placed in the hair with a crimp bead.

$5 each

Hair Feathers
fairy hair tinsel

Fairy Hair Tinsel

Want to add a little sparkle to your child's life or in this case-their hair?

We now offer Fairy Hair Tinsel!

$3 Per Bead

Please book this service separately from the haircut.

Glitter Tattoos!

A Waterproof Temporary Tattoo that lasts 3-7 Days! (For Best results keep away from oil-based products such as lotion & sunscreen) We also have flat black instead of glitter!


Glitter Tattoos
Ear Piercing

Ear Piercing

Free Ear Piercing with the purchase of a starter kit!

Starter kits start at $24 and include earrings and after care solution.

Hair Wrap/String Braid

What is a hair wrap/string braid?

Braiding 3 colors of embroidery floss into a small section of hair and then wrapping the colors around the braid in a "Chinese Staircase" pattern creates a hair wrap/string braid. $3 per inch.

We measure the hair wrap when it is complete.

If you would like to measure your child's hair to get a rough estimate, measure close to the root to the ends with a ruler. We include 3 beads if you would like. Other beads and charms are an additional price. We also offer "Hairtails" which are removable hair wraps/string braid. They can be placed in the hair with a bead, barrette or wig clip.

"Hairtails" are $10 each and are premade in the salon.

Hair Wraps
princess package

Princess For A Day Package

Want to treat your little one to a special day?

We Do Princess for a Day Packages! They Include curls or a simple braid, non-toxic children's make up application, and mini mani & pedis!

For the Ultimate Princess Experience

Add on Bijou Crystals or Fairy Hair Tinsel or Both!

Each little princess will also receive her very own tiara! 

$71.95 Each

Additional Princess $61.95

Please book a separate appointment for each Princess!

Bijou Crystals

Crystals that can be applied to the hair temporarily and then they wash or brush out.

$1 per Crystal, you choose how many crystals you would like us to apply!


Mini Mani & Pedi

Treat your little one to a mini manicure and mini pedicure. We use only non-toxic piggy paint for little fingers and toes! 

Mani:  $17.95 Pedi:  $23.95 Mani & Pedi: $36.95

Curls & Braids

Have a special event or just want to pamper your little one? We do curls & simple braids!

Simple Braiding:  $17.95 & Up

Curls:  $25.95 & Up

curls & braids
Home: Services
Home: Services

Other Services

family hair cuts

We didn’t forget about the moms, dads & older siblings. We do adult cuts too! 

Haircuts 13 & Up:  $22.95 w/Blow-dry $25.95

Senior Haircuts 65 & Over:  $16.95 

Bang Trims:  $7.95



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